What does a Full Functional Blood Panel include?

A Full Functional Bloodwork Panel at QÔL Integrative Health provides a comprehensive picture of your current health status. It is a tool to gain knowledge and direction on taking a preventative, root cause approach in optimizing your health.

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Here is an overview of the markers included in the panel:

CBC w/ Differential

A Complete Blood Count (CBC) provides information on quantity and quality of red blood cells and white blood cells. This can provide insight on certain nutrient deficiencies, anemias, and immune system weaknesses/ imbalances.


A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel measures major organ functions and foundational metabolic processes. Markers of liver health, kidney health, and fasting blood sugar are included.


High sensitivity c- reactive protein is a marker of inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk. This is additionally insightful when run in conjunction with a lipid panel.


Homocysteine is an amino acid that, if built up within the body, can suggest B- Vitamin deficiency and elevated risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Lipid Panel

A lipid panel is a foundational set of markers that provides information on cardio-metabolic health. These markers can also be an insightful piece of understanding hormonal balance, thyroid health and inflammatory levels.

Fasting Insulin, LDH, HbA1C%

These three markers, along with the fasting glucose level from the CMP-14, provides a comprehensive look at blood sugar stability and insulin sensitivity.

Vitamin D, 25-OH

Optimal vitamin D levels are essential for proper immune system function, bone density, and many other cellular functions. Vitamin D deficiency is very common, making it an important marker to track.

Expanded Thyroid Panel

Every cell in our body has a receptor for active thyroid hormone, making the function of the thyroid essential for the function of the human body. The expanded thyroid panel includes more than the common TSH; it includes inactive and active, total and free levels of thyroid hormones to assess the full picture.

Iron Panel (Iron, TIBC, ferritin)

Iron is an often overlooked, extremely important mineral for the body to have at appropriate levels; not too much, not too little. Ferritin, the storage form of iron, is also a marker of inflammation.

Uric Acid

Elevated levels of uric acid is inflammatory. It can also lead to a painful condition called Gout if not normalized.

Magnesium, Phosphorus

Magnesium and phosphorus are important minerals in the body. Levels of these minerals can reveal function of major organs such as the kidneys, and help to gain insight on the root cause of many symptoms from poor pain to anxiety.

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